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Chrom VI – Chrom reduction

Chromate reduction for cement and dry mortar plants

End of the 90s they were looking intensively for a solution, highly toxic chromate in cements provided previously known methods that are associated with many technical problems to reduce to health harmless chromium III compounds and thus an effective, simple recipe neutral method to create. The highly toxic chromates are responsible as the cause for recognized occupational disease “Maurer dross”.

Stannous sulfate is an optimal reducing agent of sickening chromates in cements. This feature is chemically based. Unlike all other Chromate the stannous ion forming, with the non-toxic formed by reduction process of chromium III ion, water-insoluble complex. Only by this reaction, the problem of pathogenic Chromate (Cr 6+) is actually achieved.

MIG has specialized in the area Chromate and develops innovative tin sulfate systems. In these reducers the tin content was reduced. In the new Chromate on stannous sulphate-based tin sulfate can be saved up to 50%. With the same power reduction can therefore price fluctuations of the raw material tin are largely compensated and therefore our reduction systems for customers are calculable.

THUS , these new innovative chromates are not only technically but also trendsetting economically.

A major new contribution to our product range make chromate reducer is based on antimony-III ions. This reducer systems provide a good complement to our product range represents.