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A productive workspace at home? A refreshing healthy oasis?

Get both with MIG-ESP® Interior


There seems to be a consensus that what we considered to be normal before the pandemic will likely never happen again, as many aspects of our lives are now done differently in the emerging post-pandemic world. One of these changes will be the rise of remote working. Indeed, a growing number of companies allow their employees to work from home even after lockdown restrictions ease, with some industry giants being more eager to embrace remote work permanently, like Facebook, Twitter, Apple and more.

Whether it’s for the sake of home-based work, or you revel in more opportunities for meaningful moments with family at home, there’s no denying that we’ll most likely continue to spend more time than ever at home for a long time to come.

Whichever purpose it may serve, it makes sense to remake your space, not only for a functional or aesthetic upgrade, but also for the improvement in comfort and wellbeing for the occupants.

This sounds daunting but in fact one simple trick will work wonders: sprucing up your four walls with a fresh coat of MIG-ESP® Interior, a special coating system backed with an innovative membrane technology designed to improve indoor air quality. Temperature and humidity are two important factors that affect thermal comfort, which in turn may influence your indoor air quality. The breathable membrane system of MIG-ESP® Interior combats precisely temperature swings and moisture excess, bringing temperature and humidity levels in harmony with each other for a healthier indoor quality environment.

Now with the upgraded version MIG-ESP® Interior Anti-Microbial enhanced with an active antimicrobial component free of biocides and toxic chemicals, you can take the comfort of your home to the next level.

A productivity-boosting workspace for yourself or a cozy sanctuary for all your family members? You can have both.

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