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MIG-ESP® Exterior and Interior based on

MIG has developed an active wall coating for indoors and outdoors, which reflects heat radiation, odorless and free of biocides and toxins.

Our technology differs from a passive thermal insulation, which is but a thermal lag. Moisture stores heat radiation and transports it. 4% moisture in an insulation material reduces its insulating effect by 50%.


The innovation lies in the DHMb®-Technology of our products.

Due to thisDHMb®-Technology property, the wall is dry, and thus contributing to heat protection. Facades are no longer contaminated with algae even on the side exposed to bad weather and therefore remain clean.

Warm air moves upward. Therefore, rooms towards the bottom are always colder than rooms towards the top.

The temperature difference is up to 5 ° C. Consequently, more heating is required, which causes more dust swirling in the air.

The MIG technology keeps the walls uniformly warm and dry from top to bottom. Problems with damp and mold are gone. And less dust means you can breathe more freely! 

This creates a new, pleasant indoor climate with air staying fresh longer.  

With MIG, you are participating in technological progress!

MIG offers a wide range of products ready for mass production. Funded by the federal government’s Central SME Innovation Programs (ZIM), we have developed an effective wall coating system which provides solutions to four major problems for any property:



Dust (interior)


Through an intelligent, breathable facade coating with UV-resistant and hydrophobic surface, the above problems can be solved without compromising economic viability and environmental sustainability. This amazing performance has been recognized through the award of one of the ECO-labels.

Start using our products now to preserve the brilliant appearance of your building, optimize energy balance, and create an optimal indoor climate.

Energy costs can be reduced by up to 40%, depending on the quality of the wall. The indoor climate is noticeably improved permanently and sustainably.

Advantages of MIG-ESP® Exterior

  • brilliant optical appearance of the facade
  • Excellent facade hygiene even for extremely insulated building components (ENEV 2014)
  • Natural protection against algae and mold formation
  • Fire class A 2

Advantages of MIG-ESP® Interior

  • Significant improvement in room climate
  • Reduced dust movement, suitable for allergy sufferers, ECO certified
  • Reduction in sound, noise, echo
  • Moisture regulation
  • Natural protection against mold formation
  • Reflecting heat and light



MIG-ESP® Exterior coating is a full-value silicone resin paint with a high percentage of silicone resin based on modified silicone resin emulsion. MIG-ESP® is also highly suitable to be used as an equalizing paint for mineral based MIG-Energy Saving Finishing Coat and MIG-Restoration Render. Its special DHMb® Technology provide an ideal temperature and humidity balance. These properties result in a positive energy saving effect. 

MIG-ESP® Interior coating is a full-value silicone resin paint with a high percentage of silicone resin based on modified silicone resin emulsion. Interior coating in accordance with DIN EN 13300, Wet Abrasion Class III, Covering Power Class II at approx. 0.3 l/m2. Its special  DHMb® Technology provide an ideal temperature and humidity balance. These properties have a positive impact on the indoor climate and comfort and are based on the interaction of high water vapor permeability (membrane function) and the active photocatalytic pigments. 

A wide range of color options is available from the MIG color palette or can be mixed at your individual request.