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The product  spectrum of MIG ranges from chromate reduction, tin products for the electroplating industry, defoamers, deaerators, superplasticizer for construction chemistry, MIG-ESP®, coatings, specialty products for the pulp-/lignin-industry to water treatment processes and special fertilizers for agriculture. Our products are distinguished by their outstanding quality, performance and innovation beyond the state of the art.

MIG-ESP® Exterior and Interior
based on DHMb®-Technology

MIG has developed an active wall and ceiling coating for interior and exterior applications, based on the double-hybrid membrane technology (DHMb®)

Chrom VI – Chromate reduction for cement and dry mortar plants

MIG  specializes in chromate reducers and  has developed innovative stannous sulfate systems where tin content are reduced.  In the new chromate reducing agents based on tin-II-sulfate, up to 50% stannous sulfate can be saved. 

Specialty products

Our products serve our customers, who can be sure that they’re taking part in our technological advances. MIG demonstrates its innovative technology through over 14 international patents and utility models.