MIG-ESP® Interior Anti-Microbial

The heat-reflecting interior coating for walls and ceilings enables a healthy and comfortable room climate. Lower heating and cooling demands reduce both costs and CO2 emissions. The formation of mold is prevented in a natural way. In patient areas, MIG-ESP® Interior Anti-Microbial can help prevent and/or reduce hypothermia and hyperthermia.

5 / 15 ltr plastic buckets
1,000 ltr IBC

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    Product features

    • >99 % bacterial reduction
    • no additional biocides
    • heating and cooling regulation (Infrared reflection)
    • better indoor climate due to lower heating demand
    • reducing condensation
    • stable and comfortable room climate
    • awarded the certificate “Recommended for healthy housing” by the Society for Medically Sound Lodgings, Building Hygiene and Indoor Toxicology e.V.
    • antibacterial effect
    • recommended for ecological, energy efficient renovation
    • natural prevention against molds
    • reducing CO² emissions

    MIG-ESP® Interior Anti-Microbial is an interior coating based on the MIG DHMb® Lining technology (DHMb® = Double Hybrid Membrane) according to DIN EN 13300.
    MIG-ESP® Interior Anti-Microbial can be applied with paint rollers, brushes or spraying units.
    MIG-ESP® Interior Anti-Microbial can be used with an appropriate primer on a variety of substrates in the entire indoor area. MIG-ESP® Interior Anti-Microbial is the finish coat for MIG Therm M 65 and MIG 262. Further areas of application include renovations on all paint-bearing substrates. The MIG-ESP®– color chart offers a wide range of color choices.


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