Optimising the triple bottom line - social, environmental and financial

Responsible manufacturing

We never lose sight of the fundamental value of our business in pursuit of growth: Responsible manufacturing of sustainable building products to fulfill our commitment to people and the planet.

This is done by embedding sustainability across our business. We see it as our responsibility to not only conserve resources when developing our own products, but to also help our customers and stakeholders along the value chain enhance the sustainability of their products and quality of life.

Sustainability is our growth driver

At the same time, we strive to go beyond sustainability at MIG, because we believe doing less harm to the environment isn’t enough – we can take bold, proactive steps to create more added value for both human and nature. This in turn can translate into abundant growth opportunities leveraging our innovative strength and resourcefulness.

The journey from “less bad’ to “more good” offers us ample opportunities to develop innovative products and optimise existing processes to address the increasing need for climate-friendly solutions.

Environmentally friendly technologies


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