MIG-ESP® Interior

The heat-reflecting interior coating for walls and ceilings enables a healthy and comfortable room climate. Lower heating and cooling demands reduce both costs and CO2 emissions. The formation of mold is prevented in a natural way.
Packaging: 5 l and 15 l bucket

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    Product features

    • regulating heating and cooling (infrared reflection)
    • better feel-good climate due to lower heating demands
    • reduces the development of condensation water
    • stable and comfortable room climate
    • “recommended for healthy housing” – certified by the Society for Residential Medicine, Building Hygiene and Indoor Toxicology
    • for ecological, energy-oriented renovation
    • prevents mold and fungi in a natural way
    • CO² emission reduction

    MIG-ESP® Interior is based on the MIG DHMb® Lining Technologie (DHMb® – double hybrid membrane) and is a highly breathable interior coating. It works like a membrane that optimally regulates humidity and reflects heat. Heating costs can thus be saved. Certified by Dr. Blei (Society for Residential Medicine, Building Hygiene and Indoor Toxicology e.V.) as “recommended for healthy housing”, this high-quality coating noticeably improves indoor climate and is particularly allergy-friendly.


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    MFPA - Determination of the reflectance EN

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    ECO report MIG-ESP® Interior EN

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    Sound measurement MIG-ESP Interior

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    MIG RKA Report EN

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    MIG-ESP Interior fire behavior test A2

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    MIG-ESP Interior Reflectivity

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    Certificate "Recommended for healthy housing"

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    SDS-MIG-ESP Interior-EN

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