MIG-ESP® the DHMb® Lining System

Problem thermal energy and humidity


Water vapour problem

Water vapour absorbs the heat radiation and transports it through the room.


Heat - composite system

4 % moisture in insulation means 50 % loss of insulation effect.


Grey facades

Facades become grey due to moisture and lose value due to visible aging.


Poor room climate

Mold and microorganisms form through cold walls in insulated houses.
The consequences: Allergies, diseases, discomfort


MIG DHMb® Lining System Active exterior and interior coating

The DHMb® Lining System is a multi-layer wall coating system with special properties that reduce energy costs in buildings in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

The application of the complete system can replace and/or significantly supplement the cladding of a building with the environmentally damaging and cost-intensive thermal composite system (insulation).

The MIG-ESP® products can also be used individually to improve existing wall structures and enhance buildings inside and outside.

  • energy saving and CO2 reduction
  • suitable for any type of building
  • heat and cold regulating

    (through infrared reflection)

  • non-flammable

    (A2 fire protection class)

  • brilliant facades through light reflection

    (improved longevity of facades)

  • prevents algal and fungal growth in a natural way
  • stable and comfortable room climate

    (recommended for residential use)

More than a beautiful facade MIG-ESP® Exterior - insulating coating

The active exterior coating is highly breathable, water-repellent and prevents mold and algae growth

Optical brilliance and longevity An increase in value for every building

Since over 5 years Before renovation

For a healthy indoor climate MIG-ESP® Interior - heat-reflecting coating

The active interior coating optimally regulates air humidity and reflects existing heat

MIG-ESP® areas of application Suitable for any type of building

Monument protection, new building, refurbishment, cold bridges, structure

residential buildings



public buildings

historical buildings

MIG-ESP® Products Active exterior and interior coating

All-round solution for new constructions and restoration of new, old and heritage buildings

Environmentally friendly technologies


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