MIG-ESP® Rooflect

Exterior Application
Active roof coating with low-emission surface

MIG-ESP® Rooflect is an elegant matte and high-coverage roof coating based on the MIG DHMb® Lining Technology (DHMb® = Double Hybrid Membrane).  The external coating MIG-ESP® Rooflect can be applied with paint rollers, brushes or the MIG-Zip 52 spraying unit. MIG-ESP® Rooflect can be used with an appropriate primer on a variety of substrates in the entire outdoor area.  MIG-ESP® Rooflect should not be used on surfaces that are submerged in water for an extended period of time. The gradient must be at least 2 %. The MIG-ESP®-colour chart offers a wide range of colour options.

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    Product Features

    • brilliant roof surfaces through light reflection (UV – IR)
    • increases roof lifespan
    • heating and cooling regulation (infrared reflection)
    • natural prevention against algae and moulds
    • recommended for ecological, energy-efficient renovation
    • reduces CO2 emissions


    Depending on the type and porosity of substrate, approx. 0.50 L/m² with two coats on smooth surfaces.

    Rough, structured or highly absorbent surfaces can significantly increase consumption. Exact consumption quantities can be determined by creating test areas.


    5 L (per plastic bucket) x 60 buckets (per pallet) = 300 L
    15 L (per plastic bucket) x 24 buckets (per pallet) = 360 L
    1,000 L IBC



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