Energy-saving yet colourful? Absolutely!

MIG-ESP® insulation coating series

The MIG-ESP® insulation coating series demonstrates that functional coatings can be vibrant and multi-coloured, too, as it is available in a wide range of colours to suit your taste.

Colour is an incredibly powerful element of design with tremendous expressive qualities. Different hues and intensity can have different impact on the mood of a space and evoke various emotions. It is no surprise that colours are often described by a wealth of adjectives that are associated with our emotions: relaxing, peaceful, energetic, confident, passionate, happy, friendly, hopeful, natural, creative, romantic, mysterious, elegant, innocent, sophisticated, rustic… and the list goes on.

The influence of colours

Colours can also affect our space perception. For example, lighter colours make a space feel more spacious and open. Darker colours make it appear more closed and smaller.

While the white colour is classic and timeless, you also want to act on whim once in a while and give your living space a colourful transformation. After all, an energy-efficient space does not have to look dull and boring.

MIG-ESP® Colour Chart

Whatever your design, MIG’s extensive colour chart can help you achieve the kind of atmosphere you want to create for your home. From bold and vivacious tones to more calming and neutral shades, there’s always a right mix for you.

Make a statement about your abode by adding colour and character to it with MIG-ESP® while saving energy!

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