In light of a heightened public awareness of hygiene due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic we’re facing, it is more important than ever to maintain a sterile environment in hygiene sensitive areas such as food processing plants, food storage facilities, kitchens as well as a variety of healthcare settings including hospitals, schools, kindergartens, elderly care homes, etc.

There are many critical factors to consider for keeping a hygienic environment, and preventing the population of mold, fungus, bacteria and other microorganisms on contact surfaces is one of them. So, it is crucial to provide internal surfaces, like walls and ceilings, with effective antimicrobial protection to keep germs at bay.

MIG Interior Anti-Microbial offers exactly such protection. Based on the DHMb® Lining technology – a breathable membrane that manages moisture problems and drastic temperature swings – the innovative coating incorporates an active antimicrobial component that keeps surfaces dry, making them a hostile environment for bacterial growth. Its antimicrobial property was proven by a series of accredited tests against microbes such as MRSA and E-Coli with the result of 99,99% bacterial reduction, making it an ideal hygienic solution to tackling the propagation and spread of harmful microorganisms in industrial and institutional settings where rigorous hygiene and cleanliness standards must be strictly upheld.

Water-based, odourless and non-toxic, the product is safe to apply during even business hours as it dries fast without releasing odor or hazardous solvents.

MIG Interior Anti-Microbial is available in a wide range of colors, so sterile areas can also look colorful and vibrant.

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