Rebuilding Irak – MIG meets Iraqi contruction company

On 16 February 2018, Wolfgang Bonder, CEO of Material Innovative Gesellschaft mbH (MIG), welcomed a delegation from the Iraqi company Genat Al Falah to Salzkotten. Managing Director of the company Mr. Hamid Ibadi and his two colleagues, Karim Moussa and Falah H. Darweesh, showed great interest in our products based on the MIG DHMb® Lining System.

The Iraqi company has been commissioned a major project of about 512 apartments as part of moves to rebuild Iraq. Driven by the quest for cost-effective and environmentally sound solutions, Genat Al Falah and MIG came together for a product presentation at our headquarters in Salzkotten.

MIG DHMb® Lining System in a climate with large temperature swings

Thanks to its unique properties, the MIG DHMb® Lining System works perfectly under Iraq’s climatic conditions, too. The Iraqi climate is known for cold nights and hot days, where the temperature lies between 40 and 45 degrees during the day, but can drop to 15, or even below 10 degrees during the night. In the case of temperature fluctuations of around 30 degrees, special structural and technical measures must be taken to maintain a consistent temperature range in the room. Based on the MIG DHMb® Lining technology, our products significantly improve the performance of facades and interior surfaces, while at the same time saving energy and creating a comfortable indoor climate.

The company Genat Al Falah was greatly impressed with our innovation during the product presentation.

Apart from showing our guests references, awards from various institutes and verifiable calculations, there was also a lively exchange of information between us, particularly the discussion of further projects, which the Iraqi company is planning to implement.

We at MIG are extremely proud to be able to participate in the reconstruction of the Middle East with our own innovative technologies.

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