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MIG mbH was founded in 2001 by the entrepreneurs Dipl.-Chem.Ing. Burkhard Brandt and Beton Ing. Wolfgang Bonder. Both company owners already held leading positions in the chemical industry. So it quickly became clear what the company’s goal would be: to develop and manufacture innovative products that would be particularly suitable for construction chemicals. The development of the chromate reduction system for hydraulically setting masses deserves special mention here. It was Burkhard Brandt who was the first person to use tin II ions to reduce chromates in cements. At the same time, he worked out new analytical possibilities for the detection of chromium VI and thus ushered in a new era in the reduction of chromates. Wolfgang Bonder took over the market introduction of these products and developed customer-specific possibilities to apply this technology in cement and concrete plants. Our company also focuses on innovative defoamers and deaerators for the chemical industry, as well as on unprecedented technical products to save energy and CO2. The unique colour system of our MIG product range guarantees an increase in your quality of life. Furthermore, MIG makes an important contribution to your health through the use of trace element fertilizers in agriculture. As a technologically future-oriented company, we have a worldwide sales and purchasing system at our disposal.

In 2020, MIG Pacific was established to provide energy saving products to the Australasian market.

Promotion of better Indoor Air Quality, antimicrobial properties in light of the Covid-19 pandemic as well as a non-flammable coating solution is also a high motivation. A smart and cost effective solution, which is proven over more than 10 years it was time to establish in Melbourne to serve the Pacific markets.

REACH – Quality and environmental management

In accordance with its claim to be an innovative high-tech company, MIG has committed itself to a special responsibility. This includes, among other things, our strict material selection criteria, in which we pay particular attention to the modern and environmentally friendly production of our raw materials. In this way, we always guarantee you the highest quality standards of the finalised MIG product range. Regular quality controls and functionalised analyses are applied as early as the product development stage, so that the customer can rely on purchasing only MIG products with the highest technical standards. We take the new REACH chemicals legislation very seriously and have pre-registered all relevant products accordingly. Furthermore, we maintain a lively exchange with our customers and raw material suppliers in our REACH system. Because our products serve the environment and people, we will always strive to manufacture our products for the optimal benefit of you and your environment.

Environmentally friendly technologies


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