Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort

Carbon neutral holidays at Bucuti & Tara

Is there such a thing as a carbon neutral vacation? Yes, absolutely at Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort on the Caribbean Island of Aruba!

The Caribbean’s first and only certified carbon-neutral hotel, Bucuti & Tara is an original member of the Green Globe and has been taking climate action across its operations for over two decades.

As a leader in sustainable tourism, Bucuti & Tara continues to raise the bar on decarbonisation practices with the resort currently using MIG’s insulation coating system to further reduce its carbon footprint. MIG-ESP® is characterised by its superior moisture control and heat reflective properties, which effectively minimises the need for artificial heating and cooling and the associated financial and environmental costs. This is one of the measures the resort is taking towards its ambitious goal of moving from carbon neutral to carbon negative.

Bucuti & Tara demonstrates its sustainable leadership by participating in a wide range of activities committed to the cause of sustainability. One of such events was the Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum 2022 (CREF 2022), which took place in Miami last month. It was the latest in the resort’s work to help share sustainability initiatives, in an effort to encourage more hotels to become climate-friendly.

We’re proud to be the selected supplier of Bucuti & Tara contributing to the resort’s transformation to a carbon-negative paradise.

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