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Double protection for healthcare facilities with MIG-ESP® Interior Anti-Microbial and MIG-ESP® Exterior

The guarantee of strict hygiene in hospitals and healthcare settings has never been more critical as the world fights the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to the risk of contaminated surfaces which tend to harbor a wealth of germs, there is the issue of bad air hygiene indoors that is often not given enough attention in everyday life. Apart from daily cleaning and regular hygiene treatments, there are also one-off efforts we can take to give greater hygiene and safety. With MIG-ESP® Interior Anti-Microbial, surface contamination and indoor air pollution can be tackled effectively to protect the health of patients, medical workers and visitors.
MIG-ESP® Interior Anti-Microbial is made from non-toxic ingredients with the lowest VOC content possible (certified as VOC A+ – the safest rating obtainable – according to the French VOC Regulation). Its moisture and temperature balancing properties together with a natural antimicrobial component not only contribute to a refreshing indoor climate but can also reduce harmful microorganisms such as E. coli and Staphylococcus on wall surfaces by 99.99%.
Hospital Cyprus Anti-Mikrobial 2This amazing effect was endorsed by our client the St. Peter and Paul polyclinic in Cyprus, who painted their interior with MIG-ESP® Interior Anti-Microbial. Now patients and employees alike can enjoy a healthier indoor environment with less risk of infection. Double protection was also ensured with the hospital exterior being coated with MIG-ESP® Exterior, resulting in great energy saving and the façade glowing again in a new white sheen.

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