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Keep bad smells out of your gym

Have you ever been bothered by that off-putting smell in your workout space, whether you’re a gym-goer, owner of a commercial fitness facility or a home gym?

Many workout facilities are unpleasantly associated with certain stenches which are primarily caused by sweat and other revolting sources. Worse still, if left unproperly treated, some harmful contaminants like mould, dust, allergens, bacteria, fumes, etc., can build up and have a detrimental impact on our health and performance. So how can we freshen the air to make exercising in a gym live up to its purpose – keeping us fit and healthy?

This fitness centre in Höxter has adopted a simple yet effective solution: coating their four walls with MIG-ESP® Interior Anti-Microbial, an innovative technology that ensures optimal hygiene for indoor areas through its natural regulation of temperature and humidity along with an active antimicrobial component that kills 99.99% of germs. With improved indoor air quality, musty smells and harmful germs are eliminated.

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