Indoor air quality A+ for MIG-ESP® Interior Anti-Microbial

Modern humans are basically an indoor species as most of us spend a significant amount of time inside buildings. This is even more evident given the current pandemic.

However, day in and day out, we’re exposed to a plethora of air pollutants in enclosed spaces, the most common of which is Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Occurring in many forms, such as formaldehyde, acetone, xylene, toluene, and benzene, VOCs are given off as gases by an array of everyday items including paints, varnishes, solvents, adhesives and caulks. Buildup of VOCs in indoor environments is linked to ‘sick building syndrome’, as elevated VOC emissions can contaminate our air, leading to a negative effect on human comfort and even health. Therefore, we cannot stress enough the importance of ensuring a healthy environment indoors.

There are many ways of reducing the sources of VOCs in our home, but the most effective one is to paint with products with zero or low VOCs.

Unlike most paints out there that emit toxic chemicals into the air, MIG-ESP® Interior Anti-Microbial is an active coating system especially designed to protect wall surfaces and human health. Thanks to its natural, toxin-free formula, the coating demonstrates a virtually non-existent concentration of VOCs. This was confirmed through the VOC emission test conducted by the renowned laboratory Eurofins according to the French VOC Regulation, a mandatory labelling system that regulates VOC emissions from construction and furnishing products sold principally in France but also all over Europe.

Reducing the concentration of VOCs indoors is an important environmental goal and one which MIG takes very seriously. So we’re pleased to be granted the highest rating A+. This also underlines that MIG-ESP® Interior Anti-Microbial stands out from its competitors in the fight against indoor air pollution.

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